Yabbi Yab

Yabbi was born and raised in the New York metropolitan area. First generation American child to Nigerian parents who are from Benin City, Nigeria. Public Relations career and CEO and founder of www.iriainclusive.com

Yabbi has been on the plane under the age of 1 years old and surely has the DRD4-7R gene in her. As she travels the globe she created her hashtag #Yabventures which illustrates her travels through her lens. She loves experiencing cultures - dancing salsa with the Dominicans, eating pasta with the Italians or going to historic sight seeing places with the Antiguans. 


We call a specific state, country, continent our home but we are all home wherever we happen to be in the world. A passion for travel and a passion to be adventurous in a world full of endless exploration. Yabbi wants her blog to display more than travel. Yabbi being a visual storyteller, she wants to talk about topics that are of importance in her blog that will resonate with her viewers, foods and restaurants, if it's not travel, she surely loves to find new places to dine. This is a place to grasp inspiration because one thing Yabbi enjoys is having people leave her happier than how she found them and gaining inspiration.

Aspire to inspire before we expire.

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