New Jersey’s Best Wineries and Vineyards for Wine Lovers

I once read a quote saying, “wine is bottled poetry,” and I could not agree any more. A fun summer activity will be to go with your girlfriends, a date or with whoever loves wine and take a trip down to the vineyard. New Jersey, a state popularly known as the ’Garden State’ is filled with so much green scenery and vast land. So far I’ve been to two wineries in New Jersey - Beneduce Vineyard and Alba Vineyard respectfully. I went to Beneduce Vineyard in the fall of 2018 and Alba Vineyard the summer of 2020. It‘s essential to know the best times to go to a vineyard because the grains need to be harvested during certain time periods of the year. For instance, I could not walk through Alba vineyard because the owners sprayed pesticides and it’s dangerous for humans to inhale closely. In August/September most vineyards are getting ready for harvest but this varies in-between vineyards. Call the vineyard of your desire and communicate with the winery to see if they are harvesting.

Visiting a winery is inexpensive, both wineries I went to were about $15-26 USD. Going to a winery can look posh but trust and believe you are not breaking the bank when visiting one.

Alba Vineyard

(Slide through the images to get a mini look at photo-op areas in the vineyard)

Alba Vineyard was a different experience because of the pandemic. Usually I hear wineries are more crowded during the summer times but it was not due to the circumstances, which worked in my favor. If you ever come to this vineyard, I purchased the red flight (4 different red wines) incase you are interested what wines I received. Alba Vineyard usually serves pizza and has a live band only on weekends and I went on a Tuesday, so no pizza for me.

Beneduce Vineyard

Beneduce Vineyard gave various wines both red and white. I went on a weekend, they have a live band performing in a heated oasis which was lovely.

Next time you are thinking of a fun filled day and you want to ditch the everyday dinners, movies, Netflix and chill then think to go to a winery in your state and indulge in some wines.

If you’re interested, watch the vlog of when I went to Alba Vineyard and did a wine tasting.

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