The capitol of the United Kingdom, home of the Big Ben and the hustle and bustle of the city - London is usually in the top 10 most talked about cities in the world. We're taking it back, mostly in chronological order, when I started documenting my international travels in a professional way. I have went to London countless times but this time I went in my adult years. If you want to experience, a busy, fashion forward, entertaining city then you should test out London. This will be a London travel guide for your future trip to England!

London is quit a pricey European city compared to other European cities. Be prepared to bring out your pounds. Some thing that others may not know - in London, most parts of Europe, you have to pay for public toilet use. Talk about nothing comes for free.


Dalston, London, U.K is where I lodged. Multiple transportation hubs in the area, close to Shoreditch which is another popular city. I lodged in an airbnb which was cozy, clean and close to everything such as the grocery store, transportation, shopping outlets. My friend and I decided to split the cost of a private room airbnb. Our host was very kind and was willing to tell us about the city but I have multiple family members there that were so quick to host me during my stay. My host said, "Before I can ask you girls for tea, you're already out the door." For sure, my travels are filled with jam packed days of adventures. I start the days early to stretch out my time in the country and maybe come back for a quick change Took a picture in the tiny London streets

for a night look and head back out the door.


Quit easy to get around in London either by scheduled Taxi's, the tube or the double decker red buses. If you do decide to get an Oyster card and take the buses, do a little research on what zone towns are in so you get off at the appropriate stop. Many people get around with the tube, and trust they are precise on time. Scheduled Taxi's are usually less than taxi's that are impromptu. Just be aware of London's gloomy weather. I plan accordingly when getting ready and I will check the weather every time before stepping out incase I'm in need of an umbrella.


1. The Famous London Bridge + Tower Bridge

I walked through Tower Bridge and I have a thing for bridges and the architecture for this bridge is very detailed! The pretty blue color and the palace-like arch made me stop to take a photo on the bridge. As for the London Bridge, I experienced the London Bridge while on the boat and passing under the bridge.

2. The London Eye

The London Eye is a famous landmark that I experienced through the boat. I asked a stranger to snap a picture as we cruised by the famous ferris wheel.

3. The Breakfast Club Restaurant

My cousin took me to multiple restaurants and one of the restaurants that resonated with me was The Breakfast Club Restaurant because I do love brunches and breakfast food. It's a casual spot for a good bite. I highly recommend trying The Breakfast Club when visiting London for one of your out to eat moments.

4. China Town

China Town in every major city is always worth stopping and exploring. Although I was in the bus bypassing China Town, I would suggest you go to China town and take time to explore for yourself.

Photo on the boat with the London Eye

in the background

5. London Tour Bus

Such a touristy thing to do but I had to do it. I captured some photos while on the tour bus (seen on the right of this text.) Being that it was my friends first time being in London and I wanted to be a tourist in the city and get on a hop on hop off bus to explore the antique architecture and beauty of the city. London has a multiple downtown areas, nice architecture and great views. The tour was a good time frame and we were able to see most of the famous landmarks in the center cities.

I spent about 5 days in London and I was spontaneously off to another European city. When in Europe, it's always good to country hop because sometimes going to another country by road, train, plane is like going to another state in America (distance wise.) Take advantage of the short distance to explore an entirely new culture.

Here is my London vlog on youtube if you want to get more deets on my London trip:

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