How will Travel be Post-Covid?

There has been plenty conversations on how travel will look like after the coronavirus. Things have surely changed and travel industries will have to adjust to these changes as well. Since I have not been on a plane since January 2020, I have been getting more comfortable and acquainted with doing safe activities near my city.

I live in the New York Metropolitan area and I have to take more precaution due to higher cases in major cities at one point NYC was the epicenter of this pandemic and now summer came around so the census for hospital cases have decreased. This is the same way travel will look as well, many airlines will have to take precaution on the new way of travel.

Many individuals will travel to cities with fewer coronavirus cases; however, countries will not want to accept foreigners from countries with a greater population of coronavirus cases. As of now travel restrictions have became more strict, 14 day quarantines are more mandatory and tourism companies are implementing new ways to keep safe to assure their guest that they are in good hands. I have been finding new places and creative things to do in my area. New York City is a very touristy place and I am finding the beauty other foreigners find in NYC. I haven't taken photos as much as I used to because at one point I lost some inspiration of photo taking. But here I dumped some photos of myself.

These are random photos of me in the house. We all got so comfortable at home and being in quarantine so why not think of creative ways to take photos at home. My mom always says, "Travel east, west but home is the best." In recent times I have found comfort in being home and not being on the road all the time. This time period has given me time to relax and rebrand YabbiYAB.

Since you are part of my blog, I can give you insight of what my travel plans were suppose to be this year. Every time I think of this I feel like crying because this year I wanted to hit almost every continent. The places I will list are places that I had set in stone but usually during the year other places pop up as well. I barely pre-maturely talk about my travel plans but here I go now.


January - Lagos, Nigeria (Pre-Covid so I went)

January - Los Angeles, California (Pre-Covid so I went)

March - London, United Kingdom

March - Singapore

March - Atlanta, Georgia

June - Dubai

June - Maldives

July - Tulum, Mexico

December - India

December - Accra, Ghana

December - Lagos, Nigeria

I am happy I did not go to London, Singapore or Atlanta in March because I would have been stuck. This is a long time staying in one place and I find peace in this, took a long time to get here but I have realized that I have not stayed put in a very long time. I feel very liberated, creative and inspired when I travel. Once the pandemic came around I felt like I had writers block but now I have more time on my hands to create with things around me. Once we get back on the road again, things will feel different. Flight tickets will be cheaper but planes will remain nearly vacant and people will still remain scared to travel post-covid. Now that my writers block has gone away I will post previous travels - I'll take it as far back as 2016 so when travel becomes regular and safe again you can store some of the gems I will be giving you in future post.

Here is a video on my youtube channel where I talk about

how not being able to travel has affected my energy.

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